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About the project

Soccerpattern brings forth to a retrospective of the greatest jerseys worn during soccer worldcups from 1930 to nowadays, as pattern designs, at the occasion of 2018 FIFA Worldcup in Russia.

Soccerpattern is a soccer jerseys' archive project intiatied on Instagram which enables its founder and author, Matthieu Teyssandier, to gather his two passions : soccer and design.

Soccerpattern restores those jerseys their letters of nobility : finally, not less than 520 pattern designs and as many game facts about the 32 teams still running to conqueer the most desired and dreamed trophy on the Soccer Planet.

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All photos hosted on the site are from and belong to FIFA and Getty Images.

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Panama Panama

2 Patterns

  • Pérez
  • Tejada
  • Valdés
  • Penedo

Panama the force of two seas

Panama accomplished a major feat by qualifying their team against Costa Rica and became this WorldCup surprise guest. 'Los Canaleros' are taking their first steps into the competition and will have to compete to try to put on a good showing.

Panama kit 2018